Avoid Drama Contest

What drastic steps do YOU take to avoid the drama traps?

...We stay in bed to avoid drama

...We hide our faces from drama

... We act like we don't see or talk to drama

... We hide under boulders from drama

Submit a clever, inspiring, hilarious, desperate image of how you avoid drama in your relationships!

avoid drama mask

Protect Your Heart, Cupid’s Arrows Are SHARP!

If you’re entering the battle of the heart, you better come equipped with your drama-proof vest! Or maybe you’ve got a utility belt loaded with anti-drama gadgets like Drama Repellent or Smoke Bombs to make your escape! Avoiding drama is a constant challenge for those of us who are seeking, building, or maintaining a relationship.

If you can pull it off, it’s definitely rewarding, but it takes some creativity and a killer instinct.

So what drastic, crazy, inspired, brilliant steps do YOU take to avoid the drama trap

and get the treasure on the other side?

Step Into My Office

I’ve got just the thing to put a smile back on your face. Fire over the most awesome picture of how you escape/eliminate relationship drama.

Not only could you win prizes like an awesome art piece created by Hersh Alexander or cool graphic logo t-shirts, but it’s good therapy for that pent up relationship frustration!

Your pictures could be anything that shows your ultimate defense against drama. Be creative and let it all out! Videos are good too.

There’s Something Seriously Wrong With Us!

I’m not sure what’s the greater motivator, the possibility of a meaningful relationship or the desire to avoid soul-sapping drama!

Being the gluttons for punishment that we are,we humans will always take a shot at love even if history is against us.

Amelia Earhart

No Hookups where I plan to land.

¬   Do you think Amelia Earhart was lost on her historic flight? Hell no! She was so sick of knuckleheads trying to access her britches in the cockpit, that she took an extended vacation.

Neil Armstrong

A nice vacation is the perfect reset.

¬   Neil Armstrong rocketed clear to the moon so he didn’t have to hear about how nice the Johnson’s new house was.

¬   Sir Edmund Hillary?… Scrambled all the way to the top of Mount Everest so his wife couldn’t nag him about trimming his hair!

Blow Off Some Steam!

Submit your funniest pics today and check back regularly to see what creative images other relationshipers have posted.

It’s great fun, and who knows … you might even meet someone

(ever the optimist!).

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