Real Love

What Is It, and How Do We Know It’s Real

It is a question great minds have been asking for centuries, and scientists have even conducted experiments to determine how, and why it happens. We all want to know when it’s real or just infatuation, but how can we know when it is so difficult to define. Love is a four letter word that carries real weight for us as humans.

So what is real love, and how do we tell the difference between a myriad of other emotions we feel when we meet someone new? The answer is not black and white, and can be very subjective. What constitutes love for some, might be different for others. Let’s explore some ingredients that add to the recipe.

older couple in love

While true love requires much more than pure physical attraction, is it a key ingredient of love? For some lasting couples, the first time they saw one another, they speak of an initial spark. A chemical, or almost visceral reaction to meeting the other for the first time. While others grew to love their forever partner over time. When it comes to attraction, it can be an indicator that love is just around the corner, but attraction does not constitute love.

Another ingredient is personality compatibility and if your personalities complement, or clash with each other. They say that opposites attract, but do they last? It would seem that as long as those differences complement each other, they do. A highly organized and type A personality, will often do very well with a more laid back partner. A kind of yin and yang can come together, when both parties are bringing their strengths to benefit the relationship.

As you can see, there are always going to be exceptions to any rule when it comes to love. There really is no magical way to know what real love is, or how we keep the light burning year after year. It is a mystery of life that we will probably never fully understand, but will be chasing until the end of time.

couple in love on beach

While one could go on and on about the intricacies of what makes two people last in love, the whole equation can come down to a simple question that is probably the closest we will get to the truth. Is your partner’s happiness essential to your own? This, above all, will determine whether you are truly in love with your significant other. If that statement holds true through the initial stage of infatuation, and through all the obstacles of life, you can count yourself among the lucky few who have found real love..